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Understanding Food Weights: Raw vs Cooked

Updated: Jun 3


Food is an essential part of our daily lives. It provides us with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep us healthy and energized. However, did you know that cooking can significantly affect the weight and nutrient values of food? In this blog post, we will discuss the percentage change in Food Weight Cooked Vs Raw and its impact on our health.

Raw vs Cooked
Meat salting
Salt your red meat

When we cook food, we lose some of the water and other fluids in it. This means that raw food items like meat, vegetables, and fruits usually weigh more than their cooked counterparts. For example, a raw chicken breast weighing 226 grams can weigh only 176 grams when cooked. This means that there is a 22% reduction in weight when cooked. However, not all foods follow this rule. For instance, rice gains around 200% in weight when cooked. My meal plan that I create for you when you sign up for a meal plan takes care of all this confusing working out for you.

Nutrient Values
Man overcooking food
Don`t over cook your food

Despite the decrease in weight, the nutrient content of food remains the same when cooked. The cooking process, however, can affect the nutrient's bioavailability, making them easier or harder to absorb in the body. For example, cooking carrots can make beta-carotene easier to absorb, which is great for our eyes. However, overcooking vegetables can cause them to lose some of their vitamins and minerals.

Importance of Accurate Weights
Cooked Shrimp
Well cooked Shrimps

It's essential to measure food accurately when cooking to ensure that we are getting the right amount of calories and nutrients. This can help us avoid overeating, leading to weight gain and health problems. Inaccurate measurements can also result in under or overcooked meals, which can affect the texture, taste, and nutrient content of food.


Here's a todo list to help you buy healthy foods:

  • Research healthy foods and meal plans

  • Make a grocery list based on your meal plan

  • Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Choose lean meats and fish

  • Look for whole-grain options

  • Avoid processed and sugary foods

  • Read nutrition labels

  • Buy in bulk to save money

  • Meal prep for the week ahead

Remember always to prioritize fresh and nutritious foods to fuel your body and maintain good health!


In conclusion, cooking can significantly affect the percentage change in foods compared to raw. While the weight may decrease, the nutrient content remains the same. Some nutrients can even become more bioavailable when cooked. Therefore, measuring food accurately and paying attention to portion sizes is crucial for optimal health. By doing so, we can ensure that our bodies get the right amount of nutrients and energy they need to keep us going.

Remember to always weigh your food accurately when cooking, and pay attention to the percentage change in foods when cooked versus raw. By doing so, you can be sure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients and energy you need to stay healthy. Again if you want me to help you with your meal plans which take care of all this confusing working out for you. you can always contact me here on my site or sign up for my nutrition plans here.

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